Pending Approvals Overview

The Pending Approvals tab displays all requested sessions that have not yet received approval or denial and have a status of "CREATED". Only sessions that a particular user (approver) can approve or reject are shown. The relevant columns provide information such as the session request date, data source, user, requested roles, justification, whether the inheritance of special roles is requested, approvals' progress bar and the session duration. The roles that will be approved by clicking the "Approve" button are in bold, while roles that have already been approved are in green.

By clicking "Approve", the status of the corresponding roles that the approver can approve changes to "approved". Only after obtaining approval for all roles in a particular session does the session become activated. In the case of clicking "Deny", the specified roles are denied, and the entire session is rejected, regardless of whether other approvers have approved different roles.

When a session is approved or denied for the user who requested it, a corresponding notification is sent to their email address.

If the approver will decide to deny the session request, the denial reason can be attached to the notification and sent to the requester of the session.