Microsoft Azure Specific Information

Azure Marketplace Install

When logged into your Azure console, navigate to the [Heimdall offering] ( or here:

Configure the appropriate instance settings for your environment, and review/create:

Review settings and create:

Once provisioned, review and adjust the instance networking settings to ensure that the appropriate ports are open, and unneeded ports are closed:

Once the instance is running, login via "admin" and "heimdall", then change the admin password:

Finally, update the software to the newest release version (The Azure image does not automatically download updates):

After a few minutes, refresh your browser (use ctrl-refresh if the UI appears broken), and check the server version, which should be at least

If the "LB Servers Allowed" is set to zero, please contact Heimdall support for a no-cost Azure Marketplace license, to disable notices about unlicensed usage, and upload via the "License Upload" option (as shown above).

Azure Managed Databases

When using the Azure Postgres or Azure MySQL managed databases, there is a requirement that the username used is of the format "user@hostname". Heimdall provides an option in the data source options of "azureDbHost", which if set to true, will automatically map the username to this format based on which server is being connected to. Ensure that when using this option, the fully qualified domain name is set in the JDBC URL.

SSL Note

With Postgres Azure, SSL is required, so in the connection properties, please set properties of "ssl=true" and "sslmode=require". Other SSL settings may work as well, but this is sufficient to ensure that the connectivity can be established.